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Chick'n Egg

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Paint your way to a crafty Easter with this adorable chick popping out of an egg!

Measurements: 2½" L x 2" W x 3¾" H

This pottery bisque is ready to be painted and glazed. See our other listings for our at-home glaze-- no kiln firing needed!

Tips & Recommendations

  • Paint: 
    • You can use a variety of paint types on unpainted bisque, but if you are not planning to kiln-fire your piece, we recommend standard acrylic paint. 
  • Glaze: 
    • To finish your piece, we recommend any glossy craft glaze or sealant. Note that most craft glazes are NOT food-safe, so if you want to use your piece in the kitchen, we recommend sealing with our PotteryAwesomeness craft glaze followed by a two-part food-safe resin or epoxy.
    • Brush-on or sponge-on? It’s up to you! We use a sponge brush for large projects and a large paint brush for smaller applications.
  • Brushes: 
    • The right brush can really impact the finished product! We recommend having a variety of sizes and shapes on hand. Tiny detail brushes are essential for achieving sharp, fine lines, and we also love square brushes to get a sharp edge while painting.
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