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Whole Lotta Love


Unleash your creativity with our paint-your-own Whole Lotta Love Kit, designed with a love theme that will captivate artists of all ages! This enchanting kit brings the joy of DIY pottery painting right to your fingertips, allowing you to craft personalized treasures that radiate love and warmth.

Perfect for solo crafting or as a delightful activity with loved ones, this kit is a fantastic way to spend quality time while nurturing your artistic spirit. Embrace the love theme and embark on a creative adventure that results in handmade, heartfelt keepsakes. Get ready to paint, play, and spread the love!


This kit includes: 

A charming block that spells "LOVE"

A heart-shaped photo frame

A heartwarming tealight dish (with electric tealight included!)

A small heart to gift to someone special

A palette of eight acrylic paints

Craft glaze



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Every Pottery Awesomeness kit comes with unpainted pottery bisque, acrylic paints, glaze (no kiln firing needed!), and brushes-- everything you need to complete the full project.

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