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Do the painting kits come with paint brushes?

Yes, each kit comes with 3 paint brushes (so you don't have to clean your brush EVERY time you switch colors).

What comes in each kit?

(1-6) AWESOME pieces of pottery
(1) color palette with acrylic paint including white, black and (6) other AWESOME colors
(3) kids paint brushes
(1) 1/2 oz container of brush-on sealer
(1) sealer brush
(1) QR code that will direct you to tutorials on how to paint pottery

Can I choose my own colors?

Absolutely!  Each kit comes with white and black, but you have the choice to select a palette that our team has put together or you can choose any 6 colors that you want!  Want to make a pink and green robot? Go for it!  The possibilities are endless :)

What is a Tag-Along?

Tag-Alongs are AWESOME.  They are small, magnet-sized pieces of pottery  (and, yes, you can actually make them into a magnet with the help of a hot glue gun :).  Tag-Alongs are hugely popular and are equally as fun to paint as the large piece of pottery that comes in the kit.  There is more than enough paint in the kit to paint all the pieces that come in the kit and any other Tag-Alongs you add to your cart (and probably a small canvas too)!

Can we choose our Tag-Alongs?

Yes and No.  The ones that come in the kit are chosen by us.  However, you can choose to add a few Tag-Alongs to your kit if you want to!

Why would I upgrade brushes or sealer?

Included in our kit is a very cost effective solution that will meet your needs.  However, we wanted to make it possible to add a couple of things to the kit that would just add to the awesomeness.  

The sealer upgrade option is there simply because we love the product!  Is it necessary? No, not at all.  The brush-on works great (we use it all the time)!  We just love spray-on sealer and wanted to make it available.

I really want to have a paint party for my child's birthday this year.  When will your paint party packages be available? 

Check back in 2020!  We are working hard to put this together as we understand how popular a painting birthday party is :)

Can I get two figurines in one kit? 

Not yet!  But, we are working hard to offer many more kits with many more options.  Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to get the fastest updates on all of the additions to our lines!  We promise big things are coming!

Do you offer a subscription? 

Yes!!  Check it out here:

What if I don't like my kit?

We have a money back guarantee.  If you’re not satisfied with your Pottery Awesomeness kit for any reason, please return it for a full refund or replacement. Please note that each piece of pottery is made by pouring slip into a mold and will have its own unique characteristics.  

For return instructions please contact